FYI: if your recycling container is full and need another one, contact city hall for additional containers. 



Guide to What You Can and Can't Flush and Put down the Drain

City of Swisher


Residents wanting to get rid of their brush and garden debris should review city regulations and considerations.

  1. Consider where the winds will send your smoke, especially if you have neighbors that are sensitive to the effects of smoke.
  2. Burn during daylight hours only. 
  3. Attend your fires at all times.
  4. Honor neighbor’s request if they ask you not to burn.
  5. Recycle.  Recycle.  Recycle.  If it can be recycled, don’t burn it.
  6. Allowed:  Recreational fires, landscape waste, and yard waste.  Swisher Code 105.05
  7. Not Allowedpetroleum based products (such as Styrofoam, any form of plastic, waste oil, kerosene, oil filters, baby diapers, etc.), pressure treated wood, creosoted wood, common household garbage or any item you suspect would emit a lot of smoke or odor.
  8. Don’t leave a fire smoldering.  If you’re done burning, put it out.
  9. Do NOT burn on city streets or in alleys.  Swisher Code 135.08
  10. The owner or occupant shall separate yard waste from all other solid waste accumulated on the premises. All yard waste shall be composted, burned on the premises, or placed in acceptable containers and set out for collection.  30 Gallon yard waste bags are available at City Hall for $1.65 each. 

Questions: Contact city hall at 319-857-4539 or Johnson County Refuse at 1-877-423-9877 .


For additional details, pleas visit the Trash, Recycling, and Yard Waste page.



Vendors interested in the Swisher Farmer's Market, please fill out the Swisher Farmers Market Vendor Form and return to the city offices.



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