Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste
 Collected on Wednesdays
    • Cart is to be at curbside by 7:00 a.m. with 4 feet clearance.
    • Garbage may not exceed 33 gallons (40 pounds).
    • One additional bag only on top of cart, must have 1 pink tag and up to 35 gallons, 40 pound weight limit.
    • Tags are available to purchase for $3.00 each at City Hall 

For a copy of the 2021 garbage bin notice, please click here



    • One cart for all recycling. Do NOT need to separate.
      • Cardboard must be broken down and put in cart.
      • Do not place cardboard next to your bin.
    • Cart is to be at curbside by 7:00 a.m. with 4 feet clearance.
    • Plastic Bags and Styrofoam are not recyclable through curbside pickup.
      • Plastic bags can be returned to local businesses for recycling.
    • Johnson County residents have options for dropping off recyclable materials that cannot be placed into your curbside bin.  For the list please visit:  www.icgov.org/recycling 

For details on using curbside bins, please click here

For a copy of the 2021 recycling bin notice, please click here


Yard Waste

    • Must have a yard waste bag for a 30 gallon capacity with 40 lb. weight limit.  Each bag is $1.65 each.  Available to purchase at City Hall.
    • Yard waste, garden debris, and leaves must be in a bag.
      • Do not dump your leaves in the city burn pile.
    • Grass clippings should be composted.  If not, please place in a yard waste bag and tagged with a yard waste sticker.
    • Residents within city limits may haul branches to the burn pile.
      • City Brush pile is not open to businesses.
      • No dumping leaves, grass clippings, or mulch/wood chips.
      • Brush pile is located on the corner of Oak Ave and Swisher View Dr SW.
      • If the gate is locked, please do not toss branches over the fence.  Residents may pick up the key during city office hours.


Questions:  Contact city hall at 319-854-4539 or Johnson County Refuse 319-665-4498.

Official Website of the City of Swisher, Iowa ~ 66 2nd St. SW ~ 319.857.4539