The 2022-2023 Financial Reports for the city have been released.  You can find a copy on the Government Tab.


Reminder regarding City Code 56-Keeping of Chickens.

May 21st, 2024

  Per Section 56.03-Number and Type of Chickens Allowed, “Only female chickens (hens) are allowed”, and per #5 of Section 56.12-Unlawful Acts, “No personal shall keep a rooster”.  Keeping a rooster within city limits is a violation of City Code and considered a nuisance.



May 17th, 2024

Weather pending, the intersection of 4th St SW and Jefferson Ave will be closed beginning on Monday, May 20th.  The intersection should be opened by Friday, May 24th, again this is weather dependent.  Crews will be working on replacing the sanitary sewer as part of the Swisher Sewer Project.







Saturday, May 18, 2024 AND Saturday, June 8, 2024

7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.


On 2nd Street, entering from Rose Avenue and exiting onto Jefferson Avenue


City of Swisher residents may bring any unwanted items to the drop site at no charge, with the exception of household appliances, televisions, and computer monitors.


Household appliances, televisions, and computer monitors will cost $10.00 each for disposal.


Do Not bring construction debris, paint or toxic waste, commercial appliances, tires, or household garbage.  No items are allowed from a business.



Proof of residency is required (bring something that shows your name and address, like a utility, phone, or property tax bill.)


Swisher City Wide Clean-Up - Cancelled
May 11th, 2024

Swisher City wide clean-up has been cancelled for today due to the dumpsters not showing up. We will reschedule as soon as we can and communicate that with the community. 


Disaster Preparedness

April 24th, 2024 10-11AM
Shueyville Community Center

The University of Iowa College of Public Health has begun an AmeriCorps partnership

Preparing for an emergency can seem overwhelming, but a free program called Disaster PrepWise guides older adults through the steps of creating a disaster plan to handle any type of emergency.  The College of Public Health has partnered with Disaster PrepWise to bring a Public Health AmeriCorps member onto their team to help older adults in eastern Iowa to build personalized disaster plans.

Developed by researchers at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, Disaster PrepWise consists of five modules and two additional sections on special topics.  Participants will develop a personalized disaster management plan that they can share with their family, friends, and neighbors.

AmeriCorps and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have joined forces through Public Health AmeriCorps.  Together, we are supporting recruitment, training, and development of the next generation of public health leaders who will be ready to respond to the nation’s public health needs.

Public Health AmeriCorps has two main goals:

  1.     Address public health needs of local communities by providing support in state and local public health settings and advancing more equitable health outcomes for underserved communities.
  2.     Create pathways to good quality public health-related careers through onsite experience and training, with a focus to recruit AmeriCorps members who reflect on the communities in which they will serve.

Anyone interested in creating a personalized plan for themselves or who would like a Disaster PrepWise AmeriCorps member to present for an audience about disaster preparedness, please email Nick Ostrem at cph-prepwise@uiowa.eduor call us at 319-946-1193.


Road Closure
April 8th, 2024
The intersection of Howard and 3rd Street will be closed today for work on the sewer project.  

Johnson County Assessor Update

April 8th, 2024

The Johnson County Assessor’s Office is trying to improve the way you receive your assessment roll, which is a notification of a change in value or class for your property. We mail them via the U.S. Post Office and many people do not receive them for various reasons, do not open them, or misplace them soon after their arrival.

Receiving them via email will allow you to see and review your information, as well as being able to store it on your email server or computer quickly and easily.

 Electronic notification saves money in postage and the environment by not producing more paper for your mailbox.

Please be on the lookout for your invitation to sign up for electronic notification when you receive your assessment roll near the end of March.

Not everyone receives an assessment roll every year. You can contact our office at  coassessor@johnsoncountyiowa.gov to receive an Authorization Code.







March 20, 2024

A sub-contractor for clearing and grubbing is planning to mobilize to the site on the morning of Monday, March 25, 2024 to kick off the construction of the project.  The first phase of work will be concentrated on the sewer installation south of the 3rd Street and Howard intersection. The preliminary schedule provided at the pre-construction meeting noted 30 days of work before moving north and impacting the local roads, so that should be expected early to mid-May.


Johnson County Housing Rehabilitation Program- Hills Bank and Trust Company partnered with Housing Fund for Johnson County and ECICOG to secure funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines. A grant/forgivable loan of a minimum of $15,000 for housing rehabilitation. Eligible projects could include furnace, roofing, siding, window replacements, and electrical or plumbing upgrades.

Visit www.ecicog.org/housing for an application


Click on the image to the left for a full sized flier.








Contact:  Rachelle Thompson


December 7, 2023


Rachelle K. Thompson, CPA today released an agreed-upon procedures report on the City of Swisher, Iowa for the period July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.  The agreed-upon procedures engagement was performed pursuant to Chapter 11.6 of the Code of Iowa.

There were two findings reported related to the receipt and disbursement of taxpayer funds. They are found on page 5 of this report. The findings address issues such as a lack of segregation of duties and financial condition of two funds. Recommendations are also provided to address each of the findings.

One of the two findings discussed above are repeated from the prior year. The City Council has a fiduciary responsibility to provide oversight of the City’s operations and financial transactions. Oversight is typically defined as the “watchful and responsible care” a governing body exercises in its fiduciary capacity.

A copy of the agreed-upon procedures report is available for review on the Auditor of State’s web site at https://auditor.iowa.gov/audit-reports.


On Thursday, December 28, 2003, Mayor Taylor gaveled out the 45th Council of the City of Swisher.  In one of his final official acts, Mayor Taylor declared Tuesday, January 2, 2024 to be TAWNIA KAKACEK DAY for recognition of her many years of selfless service to the Swisher community.

You can read the full proclamation here.


Please stop by City Hall on Tuesday to help us thank Tawnia for everything she has done for the City of Swisher.  City Hall is open 8-4 PM on Tuesday.  If you can't stop by, feel free to drop her a kind note at swisher2@southslope.net.



After more than 25 years serving the city of Swisher, Councilperson Mary Gudenkauf is closing out her last term on city council.  In the December 11, 2023 meeting, Mary read a statement about her experience with Swisher including her term as Mayor Pro-Tem and city administrator.

You can read the full letter here.  



The Fall/Winter issue of Good Energy, a seasonal tip sheet published by Johnson Clean Energy District, a nonprofit organization has been released. The lead article is about financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades, electric vehicles, and solar energy installations for local governments. The article quickly summarizes opportunities and provides hyperlinks to League of Cities and government sources for further information. 


To read a copy, please visit:  https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/fall-and-winter-energy-saving-tips 





The Iowa Homeowner Assistance Fund program from the Iowa Finance Authority assists eligible Iowa homeowners in avoiding foreclosure by providing financial assistance with mortgage payments and related property expenses.
Visit: http://www.iowafinance.com/ihaf or call 888-668-0927.




The 2023-2024 fiscal year has started with the county, please contact them directly if you are looking for PFAS grant money.


Thanks to a state grant, Johnson County Public Health is offering free water testing for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) which is a separate test that could cost the homeowner additional expenses without the grant support. Often such PFAS water testing may cost up to $700.00 and with this grant opportunity there is no cost to the homeowner.

Homeowners may take advantage of this service to ensure the water quality at your residence is safe to consume. When contacting Johnson County Health, you must REQUEST the PFAS test, otherwise they will not test for this contaminant.  The City of Swisher has been contacted about positive testing results pertaining to PFAS contamination in wells within city limits.   The purpose of this communication is to provide Swisher residents with this information and to learn how your well could be tested for PSFA contaminants.   

Please see this Environmental Protection Agency website to learn more about PSFA.  https://www.epa.gov/pfas/pfas-explained

To learn more about having your well tested, please access this website https://www.johnsoncountyiowa.gov/public-health/well-testing

If you have any questions or concerns about your well, please contact an Environmental Health Specialist at Johnson County Public Health at 319-356-6040.





Have you seen the maps for the Sewer Project we're doing through 2024?  Click on the pictures for larger versions.




An AED is now located on the outside wall of City Hall.


PulsePoint Respond empowers everyday citizens to provide life‐saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). PulsePoint Respond app subscribers who have indicated they are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and willing to assist in case of an emergency can be notified if someone nearby is having a SCA and may require CPR. If the cardiac emergency is in a public place, the location-aware application will alert users in the vicinity of the need for CPR simultaneous with the dispatch of advanced medical care. The application also directs these potential rescuers to the exact location of the closest AED.





City of Swisher is offering e-billing.

You can get your utility bill via email.


You can also have your monthly payment automatically deducted from your bank account via ACH. 

If interested, please visit the Sewer/Refuse page.



Official Website of the City of Swisher, Iowa ~ 66 2nd St. SW ~ 319.857.4539